Saturday, June 27, 2009

Arete Gymnastics Camp

This week was the longest week of my life. 8 hours of gymnastics
each day! I love it :)! On Friday at the gym Grandpappy came all
the way from Alaska! He brought some really cool animal calls we
could use during the day! Jana Coleman told him it was time
to warm-up instead of reading Jack And Jill. So someone had to
go get him a warm-up suit. Instead of a warm-up suit he got a
hot pink leotard.

Ashley Postell was one of our coaches this week. She helped
me with floor dance and beam dance. I got to work on some floor
routines and bar routines for the Tops testing.

In the picture above its me, Khyla, Kaitlyn, Kim, and
Hope after the long day at the gym behind the Durango.

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