Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay I know its been forever again, but school started!!
Junior High WOAH!! It is so much better than Elementary
School. As I would say SO MUCH MORE FREEDOM!
You dont have to walk in a single file line, you can talk in the
halls, you can eat outside!! So much freedom!! So my schudule
is awesome!!
1st- PRE-ALGEBRA, Mr. Abercrombie

2nd- ART, Mrs. Odekirk

3rd- ENGLISH, Mrs. Bradford (MCKINSEY had Mrs. Bradford)

4th- CTE or TLC, Mr. Erickson
(if you had TLC with him it would stand for Teaching Little Creeps)

5th- SCIENCE, Mrs. Connerly

7th Grade is so much fun!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been on my blog in forever!
Last week was the Family Renioun!! It
was really fun!! I don't have pictures yet.
I will get some soon though!! :) We went
to Steadman's. They had 2 water slides and a
Zipline. The zipline was a little scary the first
time and then I wasn't afraid!! On the water
slides if you made a big long train you would go
so FAST!!

Bye for now,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

State Meet!!!!!

State Meet was 2 Saturday's ago!!
First up was BEAM! Aaaahhhhhhh
But it went really good I got a 9.4!!!
Nexted up was Floor it was A-Okay!
I almost fell on my first pass.
(Front handspring Front Layout
Front Tuck) but I still got a 9.1!
Vault was next I got a 9.15!!
And last but not least were Bars
and I got a 9.4!!

Beam 9.4 1st
Floor 9.1 3rd
Vault 9.15 1st
Bars 9.4 1st
All Around 37.05 1st
Our whole team took 1st in Team
All-Around and everyone made it
to Regionals!!!!